Journey Of Young Women
Journey Of Young Women
Katharine Krueger

Journey Of Young Women

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Welcome to Journey Of Young Women!
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What's going on in here in JOYW's Open Community?

Right here, we're building a community of dialogue, resources, exclusive content, and Zoom conversations on a wide range of topics including mentoring, parenting, what kids need to thrive, and practical ways for you to support the next generation.

Community members will be among the first to know about free and low-cost resources and meetups, and will receive unique opportunities to join our training with reduced tuition. 

We're excited about building our learning community here on Mighty Networks, a positive platform which does not mine your data, claim ownership of your content, bombard you with advertising, or algorithmically encourage racism, misogyny, trans-misogyny, ableism, classism or any hateful or divisive worldview.

What are we talking about?

We're building a lively community of learning, dialogue and support.

Our topics are wide open ... and so far include:

  • Mentoring Circles and Mentorship

  • Parenting and Family Life

  • Working with Boys and All-genders

  • Body Literacy and Physical Well-being

  • Emotional Well-being and Intuition

  • Social Well-being and Activism

  • Ceremony and Rites of Passage

What would YOU like to explore here? What topics would YOU like to launch?

In this exploratory, inclusive learning community ...


Art by Marinelle Geda

Who's here? 

We're amazing!  Mentors, yoga teachers, therapists, social workers, life coaches, sex educators, ceremonialists, herbalists, nurses and the occasional doctor, designers, youth leaders, outdoor leaders, circle leaders, parent educators, community organizers, college and grad students, teachers, homeschoolers, librarians, nannies, doulas, midwives, body workers, artists - a few musicians even ❤️ - parents and non-parents, LGBTQ+ and straight, disabled and non-disabled, activists, volunteers, healers, people seeking healing, entrepreneurs, revolutionaries, strategic thinkers, dreamers and lifelong learners of  all colors and cultures.

People from all over the world.

People like you!

About Journey Of Young Women

We train women to lead Mentoring Circles for cis girls, trans girls and non-binary kids ... so young people everywhere may thrive on their journey to adulthood.

Journey of Young Women connects and supports a global community of mentors who guide young people on their transformative journey through puberty and adolescence. Our mentors offer circle-based mentorship and rites of passage to their mentees

We also aim to engage, educate and inspire the general public with information, ideas, resources and conversation.

Please join the JOYW Open Community!

Right now, you can access all these resources, meetups, and support for just $9/month.

Or save with the annual plan at $49/year. 

 To get started, click here to fill out a quick, confidential questionnaire. 

Then we'll send you the link to join.

Questions? Write Katharine at [email protected].

To learn about our Mentor Training, read on!

Mentoring Circle by JOYW artist Karen MacKenzie

JOYW's Mentor Training

Our Mentoring Circles transform young lives.
In JOYW's Mentor Training, you'll learn to create  welcoming, lively spaces for girls and non-binary kids to learn skills to navigate the oft-fierce terrain of puberty and adolescence. Because children shine as we:
  • encourage them to be who they truly are
  • help them claim their voices and their values
  • advocate for healthy relationships & boundaries
  • show them how take charge of their well-being
The difference is palpable to all who meet them.

Our Mentoring Circles transform families and communities.
The ripple effect is astounding.  Your mentees' new skills directly impact family, friends, and schoolmates. 
When other adults catch on to the positive changes in these young people, they will ask you to start Mentoring Circles in their neighborhood, school, community center or youth group...
... and so we also train and support you to lead Mentoring Circles for boys and all-genders. 
Every young person needs and deserve guidance from a wise, caring adult ... and each of us has gifts to offer young people!

Ripple Effect by Ryann Carey

JOYW Mentoring transforms YOUR world.

Gain confidence with new skills and knowledge.
Revel in insights, healing and personal transformation
If you're a parent, expect your relationships to feel more connected, mutual, and joyful.
Earn a sustainable income as you become a community change-maker.

What will you learn in the Mentor Training?
You’ll learn everything about Mentoring Circles for girls and non-binary kids aged 8-14: logistics, safety, rhythm, prep, teaching messages, activities, fee-setting, and marketing.
If you wish, we'll also help you lead boys groups, all-genders groups, and Parent Circles. All of this is included.
You'll learn how to help your mentees take charge of their physical, emotional and social well-being: positive body image, expressing emotions, healthy relationships, consent, sex and reproductive literacy, menstrual literacy, cultivating intuition, and more.

How does the Mentoring Girls Certificate Training work?
Our core content is the thirteen Teaching Videos which you may watch as many times as you wish at your own pace.
You receive over 100 handouts which supplement the Teaching Videos.
To earn a Certificate of Completion, take notes of the Teaching Videos and complete three assignments.  JOYW Instructors offer a detailed review of each.
Students also may join as many of our optional Zoom meetups as they wish. Called "Virtual Red Tents", offered several times each month. Most are recorded and those videos can be viewed anytime.
"Ask Me Anything" monthly meetups are a time for questions, requests and feedback of all sorts.

How does the Mentoring Girls Essential Training compare?
What's exactly the same as the Certificate Training:
  • Teaching Videos
  • handouts
  • assignments
  • personalized note-posting document
  • Zoom meetups

What's different about the Essential Training: 
  • We do not review your notes and assignments, so you do not earn a Certificate of Completion.
  • You do not have access to the Red Tent Video Library, the recordings of our Zoom meetups
  • Tuition is substantially lower.
Is the Mentor Training self-paced?
When you purchase an annual plan, you have immediate access to all 13 Teaching Videos and all other course content. Move through the training at your own pace.  
When you purchase a monthly plan, you receive one Teaching Video each month.  Watch them at your own pace.
Most students finish in about a year. If you want more time, you can renew at a fraction of the cost.
Is leading Mentoring Circles the most rewarding and impactful social enterprise on the planet?
Our graduates and active mentors say so!
Won't you join us to discover this for yourself?

Any partial scholarships? Reduced tuition?

Tuition for the Mentoring Girls Certificate Training is reduced to $720 here.
Lowest tuition: Mentoring Girls Essential Training is reduced to $39/month here.
Or join Foundations of Mentoring (the first module of the Mentoring Girls Training) and earn a Certificate of Completion for just $160 here.

Please write Katharine at [email protected] to see if additional discounts are available or if you qualify for a partial scholarship. 
And let me know if you have other questions! I'm happy to help.

I, Katharine, live on Dakota and Anishinaabe land near Bdoté, the meeting of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers, in Mni Sota Makoče (called Minnesota, USA by colonizers). Thank you to the Sovereign Nations upon whose lands these teachings are practiced. JOYW team members also live in the UK and Australia.

I would love to hear from you!

Please write me at [email protected].